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NJHC Supports NYC Carriage Industry
The New Jersey Horse Council passed a Resolution in support of NYC Carriage Horses at the January 2014 Executive Board Meeting.

 The New Jersey Horse Council  SUPPORTS the NYC Carriage Horses for:

 • making a positive contribution to history and humanity, giving the public a unique opportunity to interact with the 
animals that helped build America

 • giving the Working Horse the opportunity to make a living for itself and its owners in a time honored industry

 • giving native New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple a chance to experience a living, breathing animal, working in 
    partnership with its driver in 21st century America

• setting a standard for excellent horse care in a city environment.

Possible Repeal of NJ Sales Tax on Boarding Operations

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From the President


Hard to imagine that AUTUMN has arrived! . . . though isn't this weather great for riding?! Some of us are wrapping up our equestrian activities – that last camping-with-horses trip, scrambling for those last year end awards points, etc. Others of us are simply looking forward to doing what we enjoy doing with our horses . . . in cooler weather!

I’ve decided that this autumn/winter I am going to concentrate on “learning” more about topics that may be able to help my critters; or help me help my critters. Being me, easy and close are especially appealing.
Each year Rutgers Equine Science Center hosts a series of Webinars on assorted topics of interest to horse folk. Best of all, they are archived. A couple years ago there was one on “Orthopedic Problems in the Old Horse” presented by Dr. Michael Fugaro of Centenary College. That same spring Dr. Karyn Malinowski did one on “Older Horse Physiology.” These were of special interest to me at the time because I had a 27 year old that I wanted to keep as happily active as possible. He has since gone on to “greener pastures”, but that information is still there so I can review it as needed when the next-oldest one becomes more senior. Check the ESC website for new ones coming up. www.
Another archived webinar was titled: “Future of the NJ Horse Industry – The Impact the Demise of Racing Has on YOU!” presented by Dr. Karyn Malinowski.

NJHC recently was copied on a letter from Farm Bureau to Assemblyman Dancer. The topic was the sales tax on stall rentals at NJ's equine boarding facilities. Farm Bureau President, Ryck Suydam, wrote to Assemblyman Ronald Dancer stating Farm Bureau's position: "... NJFB believes that equine boarding facilities should not be categorized alongside other, more traditional rental arrangements and should be exempt from the collection and remittance of sales taxes. This sales tax requirement has further eroded the competitiveness of the state's equine industry and has proven particularly onerous because it represents a confusing shift in how these rental arrangement are treated for sales tax purposes.
Corrective action would require legislative intervention. Given your longstanding commitment to the equine industry, I'm reaching out to you to see if you might be willing to help us in this cause."

I ask you all to:

1) Thank Ryck and the NJFB for keeping the interests of NJ's horse owners and boarding facilities at the fore front.
NJFB: 168 west State St, Trenton, NJ 08608;
ph: 609-393-7163, fax: 609-393-7072; email:

2) Write to Assemblyman Ronald Dancer, urging him to follow up on Farm Bureau's suggestion. Via Email --- -
-then click on “contact your legislator”
OR 405 Rte 539 2110 West County Line Rd Cream Ridge NJ 08514 Jackson NJ 08527
OR 609-758-0205

3) If you are not a member of NJ Farm Bureau, JOIN. There are several membership levels. Farm Bureau has lobbying power and can help all of us individuals to have a more powerful voice. Go to

Shelly Liggett
NJHC President

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